Double Glazed Guillotine System and Distinction of Kupa

in Movable Folding Glass Systems 28 November 2018

On top of the glass balcony systems where endurance meets aesthetics, double glazed guillotine system comes. The guillotine system produced with 22 mm-thick double-glass brings a new conception to Ankara glass balcony sector. This system, which has the possibility of application even in areas of 300 cm width and 400 cm height, is prepared at Ostim glass balcony production facilities of Kupa Glazing Systems . The strong chain, which prevents the transport system from being displaced, can be used safely and smoothly for many years with the transport system. It is produced in a short time without need for screwing thanks to the connecting apparatus that can be easily attached to each other. It is possible to apply as double-glazed or single-glazed thanks to the finned profile options. Glass balconies with double glazed guillotine system that can easily be collected at the top and bottom with or without electricity creates a new style.

Safety and Comfort in Guillotine System

Kupa Glazing Systems , which shows its difference amongst Ankara glass balcony manufacturers with double glazed guillotine system, has combined the safety and comfort at high levels in this product caring about aesthetics. The brushes on the profile edges of the product provide maximum insulation with the clamping mechanism in profiles between panels. Elegant profile design with side covers that conceal chain bearings makes spacious by providing maximum visual range. It also provides maximum security with photocells which can be added according to customer preference.

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The unique equipment and accessories of the guillotine system make it different. All parts selected meticulously from glass sizes to profile thickness, bolt length to closing apparatus are used as standard in the system. Bases used in the wings are produced separately for side, bottom and top sides. Since each piece is selected taking safety and comfort into consideration, the glass balcony aesthetics of the places where it is installed are carried to the top. You will want to spend more time on your balcony with a comfort that you can easily turn on and off with the integrated remote controller at the desired level without leaving your seat.  

Guillotine system, designed by Kupa Glazing Systems , is ready to meet the expectations with its elegance and aesthetics which come out by way of coming together of its parts and details. Kupa Glazing Systems , one of the pioneers of Ankara glass balcony sector with the production facility established at Ostim, carries the comfort everywhere in Turkey now. The glazing systems produced in Kupa Glazing Systems Ostim production facilities meet you all over the country through our dealers.

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